BLOC - a multiplayer political simulation game


Camels of the World, Unite! Join the Camels United Front and spread the revolution comrades, overthrow the private camel owners, behead the Horse Riders, and destroy anything bourgeoisie. The liberation of the camels is a job for the camels alone! To join, message an officer or check out our discord. Discord: ☭☭ MDP72 with U.N.B. ☭☭ MDP+++ with SAU ☭☭ MDP with TBD ☭☭ MDP with The Oily Alliance ☭☭ NAP with Hispania ☭☭ NAP72 with ROP

Alliance Statistics

Average GDP $3,153 million
Average Growth $45.4 million
Average Industry 2.3 factories
Average Oil Production 11.9 mbbls
Average Raw Material Production 23.1 htons
Average Military Size 50.6k troops
Average Weapon Count 74.5
Average Airforce Size 5.7/20
Average Manpower 87.6k/100k
Average Training 87.6k/100k

Nation GDP (millions) Region Alignment
Sinalco $6,139 Guinea Eastern Bloc
Lunar Diplomacy $5,482 Caribbean Eastern Bloc
UT0PIA $4,520 Mesopotamia Eastern Bloc
Zillerton $5,220 Amazonia Eastern Bloc
Valencia $5,295 Mesopotamia Eastern Bloc
Azawad $4,785 Guinea Eastern Bloc
Samsung $3,830 Pacific Rim Eastern Bloc
Savannah $4,139 Pacific Rim Eastern Bloc
Moorland $2,743 West Africa Eastern Bloc
Sovetskiya $3,638 The Subcontinent Non-aligned
Foxden $2,682 The Subcontinent Eastern Bloc
Novorossiya $3,170 Indochina Eastern Bloc
Khabranth $5,137 Egypt Eastern Bloc
United Holds $3,574 Caribbean Eastern Bloc
Zlandia $1,916 Pacific Rim Non-aligned
Bolongo $2,242 West Africa Eastern Bloc
Arabia $2,498 Arabia Eastern Bloc
BingBong $3,478 China Eastern Bloc
The Dark Side $1,420 Arabia The West
Sbornia $2,692 China Non-aligned
Cajinstan $3,041 Gran Colombia Eastern Bloc
Aryana $1,407 Gran Colombia Eastern Bloc
not stig $4,242 Guinea Eastern Bloc
Smung $8,125 East Africa The West
Sarawak $1,960 Pacific Rim Eastern Bloc
Rudenia $2,484 China Non-aligned
Yirgachiffe $2,436 East Africa Eastern Bloc
Jihadistan $3,418 Arabia Eastern Bloc
Sicipoli $3,544 Atlas Eastern Bloc
Greater Chile $2,916 Southern Cone Eastern Bloc
Nusantara $2,677 East Indies Eastern Bloc
Lanoon $3,074 East Indies Eastern Bloc
Nigeria $2,428 Arabia Eastern Bloc
Medellín $1,500 Gran Colombia Non-aligned
Mattis $2,041 Persia Eastern Bloc
Magicarium $657 China Eastern Bloc
Tasmania $1,989 Gran Colombia The West
Zombieland $1,719 China Eastern Bloc
Nueva Catalonia $1,418 Mesoamerica Eastern Bloc
Beelandia $1,421 Amazonia The West
Eastern Union $1,683 China Eastern Bloc
Tom Hanks $387 Arabia Eastern Bloc
Kissmyanthia $627 Mesopotamia Eastern Bloc

Never think that war, no matter how necessary, nor how justified, is not a crime. - Ernest Hemingway

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