BLOC - a multiplayer political simulation game


United Nations of Bloc is an alliance aiming at the unity of states from bloc into one big neutral family that protects it's members and helps them develop. Join today and let's make a new history. Discord Link: NAP : Hispania, TWUF, TBD, Hetairoi; MDP72 : TWUF ; MSP:SOLO; MDP: TBD, SAU(under the conditions of The Blackwood Agreement) .

Alliance Statistics

Average GDP $1,803 million
Average Growth $38.6 million
Average Industry 1.6 factories
Average Oil Production 5.5 mbbls
Average Raw Material Production 12.5 htons
Average Military Size 36.2k troops
Average Weapon Count 54.5
Average Airforce Size 4.8/20
Average Manpower 85.4k/100k
Average Training 85.4k/100k

Nation GDP (millions) Region Alignment
Albania $3,930 China Eastern Bloc
Blackwood $1,965 China Eastern Bloc
Saudi Arabia $1,421 Arabia Non-aligned
New Lonevillia $2,006 Indochina The West
Better place. $2,008 China Eastern Bloc
Karthage $1,651 Atlas Non-aligned
Hiearchy $1,614 Pacific Rim Non-aligned
Giga Kike $1,697 China Eastern Bloc
Bananas $1,223 Arabia Non-aligned
Yeetistan $2,414 Arabia Eastern Bloc
Omer0 $358 Mesopotamia Non-aligned
Jeancania $1,177 China Eastern Bloc
Apollyon $1,667 China The West
Asslevania $715 China Eastern Bloc
Corporation $2,851 The Subcontinent The West
Rising Sunn $819 China The West
Intimus $1,581 Southern Cone Eastern Bloc

Don't listen to those who speak of democracy. They all are against Islam. They want to take the nation away from its mission. We will break all the poison pens of those who speak of nationalism, democracy, and such things. - Ayatollah Khomeini

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