BLOC - a multiplayer political simulation game


We follow church of hexy. Discord: -- MDP with Hispania, Latter Day Saints -- NAP with TWUF

Alliance Statistics

Average GDP $2,268 million
Average Growth $45.0 million
Average Industry 1.8 factories
Average Oil Production 9.2 mbbls
Average Raw Material Production 16.0 htons
Average Military Size 35.5k troops
Average Weapon Count 65.5
Average Airforce Size 4.3/20
Average Manpower 71.2k/100k
Average Training 71.2k/100k

Nation GDP (millions) Region Alignment
Chola Empire $2,695 The Subcontinent The West
Morningstar $2,938 West Africa Non-aligned
Jadentopia $4,282 Guinea The West
Ickern $2,889 East Indies The West
Venezia $2,684 Gran Colombia The West
India $1,726 The Subcontinent The West
Parsistan $3,065 Persia The West
lalaland $683 Egypt The West
People Of India $3,966 The Subcontinent The West
Indian\\\'s $1,638 The Subcontinent The West
Ecuador $4,248 Gran Colombia The West
The Falklands $3,018 Southern Cone The West
United Cities $1,611 The Subcontinent The West
Biafra $2,376 The Subcontinent The West
Nadif Sultanate $4,127 Mesopotamia The West
Doom $2,805 Indochina The West
Mojopahit $2,360 Indochina The West
Loki $1,635 Mesoamerica The West
Pilipino state $2,667 East Indies The West
Dallas $3,383 Persia The West
Petropavlovsk $1,328 Pacific Rim Non-aligned
Bom Sucesso $2,770 Arabia The West
Lechistan $2,131 Egypt The West
Automia $1,912 Guinea Non-aligned
jeepslovakia $2,214 Arabia The West
Nier2BPOLIS $1,932 Arabia The West
Hitting blunt $2,120 Arabia The West
Blackistania $2,011 Guinea Non-aligned
Nasser Gang $2,109 Egypt The West
Untanta $1,352 Persia Non-aligned
Malstasia $1,636 Indochina The West
Bless $871 Egypt Non-aligned
Toto $2,426 China The West
Jordanland $1,803 Arabia The West
Epic $2,026 Caribbean The West
Republica $1,600 Gran Colombia The West
pocho $1,495 Arabia The West
Imperial Rome $1,181 Persia The West
PetroAmerica $1,109 Arabia The West
C.D.G. $579 Persia The West
Maccu China $309 Indochina The West

If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich. - John F. Kennedy

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