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Alianza de habla Hispana. ¡Seamos los mejores juntos! |MDP: R.O.P.|NAP: UNB;TWUF;TBD| | |

Alliance Statistics

Average GDP $3,000 million
Average Growth $69.7 million
Average Industry 2.7 factories
Average Oil Production 20.2 mbbls
Average Raw Material Production 16.9 htons
Average Military Size 55.8k troops
Average Weapon Count 74.0
Average Airforce Size 4.8/20
Average Manpower 125.1k/100k
Average Training 125.1k/100k

Nation GDP (millions) Region Alignment
Polenta $3,635 Arabia The West
Posorja $5,842 Arabia Non-aligned
Patismo $3,457 China The West
Caraotas $2,865 Arabia The West
Nanculombia $4,029 Gran Colombia Non-aligned
Alcanretia $2,674 Pacific Rim The West
Castle $865 East Africa Eastern Bloc
Traps lovers $600 Arabia Non-aligned
Uju $398 Mesoamerica The West

You just can't make this stuff up! - Alex Jones

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