bug reporting thread

a lot of people have gotten stupid amounts of protest events and accidentally gotten to axis of evil thanks to misclicks, can you disable un interventions? also, please fix nations with multiple leaders, which is a problem that happens thanks to un interventions btw
This made my stability which was "unsinkable" down to "brink of collapse" because I had no other choice than that, it always was "increase in stability vs huge decrease in approval" and vice versa
I have also gotten the multileader glitch but the other person came over from an invitation to join in on the other game POWER so we have actually managed to work together through discord.

Update: neither me nor the other leader can change the income tax rate back to 0 can you at all fix this Rumsod? also, our army and a bunch of stuff disappeared but that was before the whole multileader thing and I forgot to mention it.
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Hell yeah, the multiple leader bug got fixed. Unfortunately I have to fix everything the second dude did because from switching alignment to the Soviets and joining the Warsaw Pact
A few bugs for me, some small, some literally ruining my nation by the hour: (I'm Iraq btw)

1. Constant news articles, I'm sure you've seen this one before rum. Sometimes they come in spurts of 10 in the same second, some come by the minute.
2. Dual Leadership. This fucker got me into a war with someone, I still don't know what nation, which depleted my military from around 55k to 7k from when I logged off to when I logged back on. He changed everything customizable. My flag, my background, my anthem, even my alliance and alignment, everything. (Please delete him/her, their sole reason to exist is to ruin Iraq and piss me off)

Will update if I find any more.