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  • Attacking an unarmed faction with marksmen will result in a loss of ammunition for each soldier sent. [ Change it so you lose 1 ammunition per enemy combatant you kill / enemy citizen you slaughter ]
  • Attacking and looting a faction whom is suffering from any negative resource will result in the attacker looting a negative amount of resources, thus losing them from their own stockpile.
Missing Content
  • Promoting officers in pacts. There is a slot for shown officers on the pact page but no way to promote.

Additional Content needing removal
  • With the recent changes to ruins and them no longer needing scavengers to receive resources the UI needs to be changed
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I have 5 medics and 5 medication, along with 40 survivors and no injured. Despite this, I'm only gaining one moral because I have a -6 effect, "due to poor health"
Medics and Medication are two different things, medication is to cure your sick and wounded people, while medics are the ones who will cure your people, they will cure one per every turn, but you still need to have enough medics so other people doesn't falls sick, I normally try to keep around 15 medics per every 100 people.

I currently only have 10 medics and I'm getting a +1, but I guess things like shelter, pumps or farms also play a role
There is a bug when choosing kill when raiding.
I sent 10 melee and 10 gun warriors to kill my opponent.
It registered as me sending 1 of each, and i lost the battle because of that.
When i go back to my profile I still have my warriors ready of combat except the two i lost.
Bug with Pacts.

I have created a pact and I can not disband it nor can I change it's name. I accidentally hit enter and did not mean to create it. Now when I leave the pact and try to create a new one it let's me name a new one and create it but throws me back into the first one.