Slow Down the Timescale

Honestly it makes no sense for every turn to be two or three or however many months. It's really insane to think that it takes over a year for ten or so survivors to come and join a settlement. It's crazy that it takes months for warriors sent within your own state to come back. It doesn't make any sense for it to be 50 years since the end of the world and humans have been doing mostly okay but still "Dead leafless forests, rivers of sludge and barren fields is all that remains."

Maybe make every turn about ten days or something? It'd represent how quickly simple societies would get back on their feet after the apocalypse better.

Please it's just super annoying to me and at least three other people I've talked to who play this game.


I don't think that's what they're asking for. I think they're asking for a turn to represent 10 days instead of an entire month, thus making the game more representative of how quickly human societies get back on their feet instead of being in a primitive tribal state 50 years after a catastrophe.