The General Offensive and Uprising of Tet Mau Than 2023

"Crack the Sky, Shake the Earth"

BIG RED MACHINE hereby declares war upon Arch-Imperialist Dog Patrick Higgins of the New Royalist Union (and the rest of NRU). For several reasons:

  • Plotting to attack BRM prior to the recent reset, and various evidence of plans for war with BRM once the reset had occurred.
  • Imperialism, planning domination of the east coast from Maine down to Florida, and as far west as Mississippi, with further intentions of expanding west and establishing control over the northwestern states.
Unable to abide the tyrannical self-appointed “King” Higgins, several NRU members have risen up in revolt at his policy of fascist violence. In support of these brave and just freedom fighters, BRM has launched an offensive to drive NRU out of the northeast. We encourage anyone else concerned about the Imperialism of Higgins to assist us in this noble cause.

Higgs Imperialism.png
"The present situation of division in POST is created solely by the arbitrary NRU-Higgs regime, so the fundamental problem is how to smash the NRU-Higgs scheme of division and war-provocation … If they want to oppose the NRU-Higgs regime, there is no other path for the people of the west but the path of revolution…"

"The ardent aspiration of the Western people is to maintain peace and achieve national unification. We must clearly recognize this longing for peace: the revolutionary movement in the West can mobilize and advance to success on the basis of grasping the flag of peace, in harmony with popular feelings. On the contrary, NRU-Higgs is using fascist violence to provoke war, contrary to the will of the people and therefore must certainly be defeated."

"Can the NRU-Higgs regime, by using a clumsy policy of fascist violence, create a strong force to oppose and destroy the revolutionary movement? Definitely not, because the NRU-Higgs regime has no political strength in the country worth mentioning to rely on. On the contrary, nearly all strata of the people oppose them."

"Therefore the NRU-Higgs government is not a strong government it is only a vile and brutal government. Its vile and brutal character means that it not only has no mass base in the country but is on the way to being isolated internationally. Its cruelty definitely cannot shake the revolutionary movement, and it cannot survive for long."

"The proof is that in the past two years, everywhere in the countryside, the sound of the gunfire of NRU-Higgs repression never ceased; not a day went by when they did not kill patriots, but the revolutionary spirit is still firm, and the revolutionary base of the people still has not been shaken. Once the entire people have become determined to protect the revolution, there is no cruel force that can shake it."

"But why has the revolutionary movement not yet developed strongly? This is also due to certain objective and subjective factors. Objectively, we see that, after nine years of waging strong armed struggle, the people’s movement generally speaking now has a temporarily peaceful character that is a factor in the change of the movement for violent forms of struggle to peaceful forms. It has the correct character of rebuilding to advance later."

"With the cruel repression and exploitation of the NRU-Higgs, the people’s revolutionary movement definitely will rise up. The people of the West have known the blood and fire of nine years of resistance war, but the cruelty of the NRU-Higgs cannot extinguish the struggle spirit of the people."

"There are those who think that the NRU-Higgs’s use of violence is now aimed fundamentally at killing the leaders of the revolutionary movement to destroy the BIG RED MACHINE, and that if the BIG RED MACHINE is worn away to the point that it doesn’t have the capacity to lead the revolution, the political struggle movement of the masses cannot develop. This judgment is incorrect. Those who lead the revolutionary movement are determined to mingle with the masses, to protect and serve the interest of the masses and to pursue correctly the mass line. Between the masses and BIG RED MACHINE, there is no distinction anymore.”
Apologies; the Stalkers will be staying out of this conflict unless it threatens our way of life. As of right now the fighting seems to be restricted to the East Coast; if it comes here then maybe we'll speak more on it then.
Everything that our members planned I did not approve. Clearly you’ve been cutting out the important parts of chats, and also not being able to see our inner chats
Everything that our members planned I did not approve. Clearly you’ve been cutting out the important parts of chats, and also not being able to see our inner chats
"My members were plotting to take over a 3rd of the country and I did nothing to disabuse them of these ideas. I'm clearly a competent leader."

Leave the East Higgins. We will not stand for your presence here.
If Higgins has evidence contradicting the claims made in this post, I would encourage him to present it, as well as to expel all factions from his pact that encourage war against us. Until then we will consider him to be behaving in a reckless and provocative manner. We urge him to set aside the rhetoric and get around the negotiating table to stop this happening again.