POWER - a game of american politics

Power is a political and economic simulation game where you can play as a powerful politician or businessman in the United States. Starting from nothing, you can seize the highest offices in the land through free and fair elections, or dirty tricks and deals. Start your political career today!

BLOC - a game of geopolitics

BLOC is an MMO nation simulation game. Create and lead your own nation during the height of the Cold War. Rule as an oppressive dictatorship or benevolent democracy. Ally or conspire against hundreds of other nations, each lead by a player like you, in a sandbox political world driven by the players. Manage your nation's economy, becoming the wealthiest nation through communism or capitalism. Conquer your enemies, seizing their territory and their wealth with your armies.

The Arab Republic of Taghia

You have followed in the footsteps of your father and been "elected" to lead the Arab Republic of Taghia, and must hold onto power through any means necessary.

The Arab Republic of Taghia is a political simulation game, where you must balance the interests of internal and foreign political factions - ranging from your own military, the various ethnic & religious groups in your country, and the United States - to remain in power as the leader of an Arab nation through the turmoil of modern middle eastern geopolitics.


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