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Sovereign League

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Alliance Statistics

Average GDP $7,824 million
Average Growth $-70.4 million
Average Industry 8.0 factories
Average Oil Production 27.4 mbbls
Average Raw Material Production 35.8 htons
Average Military Size 70.5k troops
Average Weapon Count 667.4
Average Airforce Size 10.1/20
Average Population 722,533.9 people
Average Training 59.2/100

Nation GDP (millions) Region Alignment
Denierian $2,311 Western Europe The West
Javanistan $25,694 East Indies Non-aligned
United Empire $2,633 Arabia Non-aligned
Quba $18,374 Arabia Non-aligned
Tritilia $3,833 Western Europe The West
Alberta $2,088 Western Europe Non-aligned
Germanic Persia $17,799 Persia Non-aligned
Americanastan $4,516 North Atlantic Non-aligned
Freelance $12,314 Mesopotamia The West
Anthonistan $3,264 Southern Africa Non-aligned
63 Light 314 $1,775 Congo Non-aligned
Summerstorm $16,466 East Indies Non-aligned
Karma $9,714 Indochina The West
Kyivan Rus $21,470 Eastern Europe The West
Easel17 $11,726 East Indies The West
Waldensia $4,099 Eastern Europe The West
Jarome $1,522 East Indies The West
Stonks $27,683 Arabia The West
Morrow $9,932 Pacific Rim Non-aligned
KroonKoloniƫn $23,882 East Indies The West
Aland $10,825 Oceania Non-aligned
Purrnya $1,273 Pacific Rim Non-aligned
Miners $1,755 Caribbean Non-aligned
Gildor $2,456 Pacific Rim The West
Avolon $5,012 Balkans The West
Volhynia $1,166 Eastern Europe Non-aligned
Peoples Front $6,136 Central Europe The West
Apis $1,688 Oceania Non-aligned
Fireside $975 Scandinavia Non-aligned
Angria $248 Balkans Non-aligned
Agahea $1,438 Eastern Europe The West
Govarnia $325 Balkans Non-aligned
Cabralnistan $317 The Subcontinent The West