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Alliance Statistics

Average GDP $4,303 million
Average Growth $26.6 million
Average Industry 7.0 factories
Average Oil Production 24.4 mbbls
Average Raw Material Production 32.6 htons
Average Military Size 116.0k troops
Average Weapon Count 467.6
Average Airforce Size 11.5/20
Average Population 595,929.0 people
Average Training 56.4/100

Nation GDP (millions) Region Alignment
KnuckleFuxk $8,344 Balkans The West
Golden Isle $9,728 Mesopotamia Non-aligned
Spain $14,459 Western Europe The West
DAMAGESTAN $6,479 Mesoamerica The West
Port Noon $1,915 Caribbean The West
Semigallia $6,439 Persia Non-aligned
Nicea $3,025 Persia The West
Omnicide $6,367 Southern Cone The West
Christia $3,715 Mesopotamia The West
Psychoil $4,913 Mesopotamia The West
Emerald $5,474 East Africa The West
Wombo Combo $9,287 Arabia The West
transaxonia 2.0 $6,977 Mesopotamia Non-aligned
Coxy HC $2,360 Indochina The West
Romania $1,933 Balkans Eastern Bloc
Romanov $8,131 Indochina The West
Freelia $1,976 Mesopotamia The West
Yeetistan $3,079 Arabia Non-aligned
Molytopia $5,597 Arabia The West
Cuansemalteco $530 Gran Colombia The West
Suave Suricata $743 Eastern Europe The West
The FARC $499 Gran Colombia The West
Mihoyo $749 China Eastern Bloc
Mi Hoyo $993 China Eastern Bloc
Jin Sultane $3,125 Balkans The West
Fasilia $1,832 Southern Cone The West
Redneckistan $1,094 Southern Cone The West
Tunis $707 Atlas The West
The Silver Moon $859 Central Europe The West