BLOC - a multiplayer political simulation game

Mercenary Corps

The only alliance that made most nuke for the last two iterations (Updated: So far 7 nukes on this iteration, more will come). We are Mercenaries. No Fear, No Limits, No Excuses. Comm officers or founder for invitation || Discord link:|| MDP: Reavers|MDAP: SL| NAP: /mlpol/, || Current War: Invictus,Pirates||

Alliance Statistics

Average GDP $4,554 million
Average Growth $-76.8 million
Average Industry 6.7 factories
Average Oil Production 23.2 mbbls
Average Raw Material Production 37.6 htons
Average Military Size 120.3k troops
Average Weapon Count 521.3
Average Airforce Size 11.4/20
Average Population 709,594.1 people
Average Training 58.4/100

Nation GDP (millions) Region Alignment
Velenesia $13,029 Balkans The West
Jordanland $4,294 Arabia The West
Yimin $11,057 China The West
Korslavia $100 Eastern Europe Non-aligned
Parsistan $7,615 Persia The West
Chintra $6,599 Mesopotamia The West
KONJAMAN $9,243 Persia The West
The Filippinas $9,931 East Indies The West
Roman Empire $8,762 Central Europe The West
Kalecepo $4,094 Balkans The West
Covfefe $1,665 Southern Africa The West
Robo inc $12,790 Arabia The West
Bearland $2,104 The Subcontinent Non-aligned
NIRVANA $100 Balkans The West
4th Reich $18,299 Arabia The West
Balkanslavia $4,162 Balkans The West
Noviate $6,728 Western Europe Non-aligned
E.U. $49 Eastern Europe Non-aligned
Mines $3,773 Caribbean The West
Valparaiso $990 Southern Cone The West
Monkeyville $3,535 Balkans Non-aligned
Utrina $12,763 Arabia The West
Oraniastan $3,370 Southern Africa The West
kongo $1,091 Congo The West
Caesarea $7,139 Western Europe The West
Jawad Khan $10,453 Balkans The West
Shavinicaut $998 Congo The West
BurntBunz $1,576 Guinea The West
Bogilly123 $10,546 Egypt The West
NESSIE $7,183 Mesopotamia The West
waypoint $2,196 Gran Colombia The West
Stream LSG $2,615 Oceania The West
Woikaz $1,130 Southern Cone The West
Fumin $2,729 Mesoamerica The West
THMRain $4,714 Arabia The West
Revitt $1,011 West Africa The West
JohnMannPP $4,583 Oceania The West
yikes boy $1,553 Southern Cone The West
Natinthehat $541 Southern Cone The West
Potato $3,434 Balkans The West
Stanimal $1,223 Southern Cone The West
Miqdad $6,116 Arabia The West
Lolek $632 Gran Colombia The West
Huts $3,794 Persia The West
Worm Chief $1,311 Southern Cone The West
BlessOneTime $4,148 Persia The West
Killzone $4,221 Atlas The West
Chocobo $815 Amazonia The West
Muhfasa $4,127 Atlas The West
Pyyli $975 Mesoamerica The West
Xambitz $5,400 Egypt The West
OofDarkPasta $1,663 Caribbean The West
BALLISTA $1,520 Balkans The West
SwoleHobo $2,060 Western Europe The West
edcars $1,817 Amazonia The West
Ut Prosim $1,684 North Atlantic The West
Mossy Twig $1,762 Atlas The West
Brickfields $8,425 Balkans The West
Miyeon SIMP $100 Gran Colombia The West
VIO-LENCE $1,559 Balkans The West
Armourer $763 Southern Cone The West
Triele $2,776 North Atlantic Non-aligned
Chip Travers $19,794 Arabia The West
Sarinii $800 Western Europe The West
Porgostan $1,207 Western Europe Non-aligned
Pascalopolis $9,659 Pacific Rim The West
Ninja $4,255 Indochina Non-aligned
Irani $559 Persia Non-aligned
Azamgarh $7,385 The Subcontinent The West
Lyria $3,761 Arabia Non-aligned
spager $1,528 Mesopotamia Non-aligned
Franconia $5,197 Western Europe The West
Romabooistan $3,634 Central Europe The West
Saudi Arabia $693 Arabia The West
African Empire $498 Guinea Non-aligned
Europa $61 Western Europe The West
Soviet Nigeria $1,283 Guinea Non-aligned
TarTarstan $271 Eastern Europe The West