BLOC - a multiplayer political simulation game


SARANG TEBUAN JANGAN DI JOLOK. MDP : Invictus, Reavers and /mlpol/. NAP: PN, TCO, Sovereign League, ESFe, ITO, MC. For Recruitment Comm Womanhood or Laow. Join us in discord.

Alliance Statistics

Average GDP $5,349 million
Average Growth $-38.4 million
Average Industry 5.2 factories
Average Oil Production 24.4 mbbls
Average Raw Material Production 32.9 htons
Average Military Size 18.4k troops
Average Weapon Count 678.4
Average Airforce Size 13.6/20
Average Population 449,457.5 people
Average Training 71.4/100

Nation GDP (millions) Region Alignment
Sunda Empire $2,070 East Indies Non-aligned
Mughal $11,083 The Subcontinent The West
awan hitam $6,929 Arabia The West
Paragas $3,322 Scandinavia Non-aligned
Kajang $5,551 Atlas Non-aligned
Gibmoney $2,777 The Subcontinent Non-aligned
Zimaya $4,392 Egypt Non-aligned
Rose Marie $8,488 The Subcontinent Non-aligned
Al abd $4,411 The Subcontinent Non-aligned
San Alfonso $1,066 East Indies Non-aligned
Chernobyl $4,686 Arabia The West
Womanhood $13,179 The Subcontinent The West
Mehdi Arena $10,396 Arabia Non-aligned
Juburi $10,047 Arabia Non-aligned
New Egypt $6,608 Egypt Non-aligned
Uu $4,351 East Indies Non-aligned
Anastasi $5,004 East Indies Non-aligned
Darul Bebas $2,029 Southern Cone The West
Tanah Air $4,805 Oceania Non-aligned
minyak $6,089 Arabia The West
mustmakefood $5,154 The Subcontinent The West
Albumania $5,653 Oceania Non-aligned
Selangor $3,013 Indochina Non-aligned
Lala Land $220 Indochina Non-aligned
Leviathan $10,672 East Indies The West
Timah $-25,472 Oceania Non-aligned
Lobhang Jambhan $4,432 Indochina The West
TgKelang $5,667 East Indies Non-aligned
Try $1,262 Oceania The West
Sultanate Perak $3,798 The Subcontinent The West
BP $50 Oceania The West
Umbra $8,539 Arabia Non-aligned
Pekoland $6,356 Mesopotamia The West
Sky Kingdom $7,672 Arabia The West
oil $3,611 Persia The West
Violette $2,468 Mesopotamia The West
NotPrussia $5,353 East Indies The West
Holstein $1,941 Scandinavia Non-aligned
Manja $2,403 Arabia Non-aligned
abdulis $3,138 Central Europe The West
Drapa $3,171 Western Europe The West
Dab $1,953 Arabia The West
Arab oils $4,400 Arabia The West
Shahriarabad $3,477 The Subcontinent Non-aligned
Malay Union $2,052 The Subcontinent Non-aligned
Gerrard Union $2,345 Egypt Non-aligned
Romanus $5,865 Mesopotamia Non-aligned
Red $1,476 Mesopotamia The West