BLOC - a multiplayer political simulation game


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Alliance Statistics

Average GDP $-35,476,024 million
Average Growth $920,456.9 million
Average Industry 2.9 factories
Average Oil Production 9.8 mbbls
Average Raw Material Production 28.3 htons
Average Military Size 68.7k troops
Average Weapon Count 2,230.9
Average Airforce Size 9.2/20
Average Population 360,393.3 people
Average Training 53.8/100

Nation GDP (millions) Region Alignment
Hitting Blunt $4,255 Arabia Non-aligned
Helga $-3,384 East Indies Non-aligned
KONJAMAN $-1,205,541 Persia The West
Mehdi Arena $-117,594 Arabia Non-aligned
Masadrian $1,458 The Subcontinent Non-aligned
Greater greece $21,567 Balkans The West
Tamilnadu $2,065 The Subcontinent The West
James Bond $275,160 Caribbean The West
Bearland $31,608 The Subcontinent Non-aligned
Karma $-10,052,569 Indochina Non-aligned
Dacoda $2,005 Egypt Non-aligned
stig $-47,204 Persia The West
Chip Travers $8,312 Arabia Non-aligned
Pascalopolis $-1,504,278,032 Pacific Rim Non-aligned
Azamgarh $80,645 The Subcontinent Non-aligned
Sneedclave $2,774 North Atlantic Non-aligned
Vegas $-56,229 The Subcontinent Non-aligned
Nexal $27,594 Mesopotamia The West
Pogtime $6,922 Central Europe Non-aligned
Jawad Ahmad $2,340 China Non-aligned
vast lands1 $21,259 Caribbean The West
TurkishKebab $-19,586 Mesopotamia Non-aligned
Shoreline $31,623 China The West
Ankorwat $-644,506 East Indies Non-aligned
Albania__ $17,515 Western Europe Non-aligned
Esmistan $24,469 The Subcontinent Non-aligned
Chinknia $11,861 China The West
Gatorbongo $-246,490 Mesopotamia Non-aligned
Clown Town $6,731 Mesopotamia Non-aligned
Solos $44,544 East Indies The West
Stuca $18,543 Arabia Non-aligned
Masadria $3,226 The Subcontinent Non-aligned
Rudeus $12,923 Balkans The West
Congono $-4,212,395 Egypt Non-aligned
Ojala Que $1,983 Mesopotamia Non-aligned
Saif noobda $-5,307,194 Gran Colombia Non-aligned
Catgirls $-20,072 Balkans The West
Ualomaloapandia $376,472 Atlas Non-aligned
Aoops $34,490 Balkans Non-aligned
Rumsodomy $3,286 The Subcontinent Non-aligned
Mamu $-414,916 Guinea Non-aligned
Greek Lovers $37,566 Balkans Non-aligned
Canadas $33,630 Persia The West