BLOC - a multiplayer political simulation game


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Alliance Statistics

Average GDP $-2,034,577 million
Average Growth $-38,178,384.2 million
Average Industry 3.3 factories
Average Oil Production 12.5 mbbls
Average Raw Material Production 35.3 htons
Average Military Size 32.4k troops
Average Weapon Count 744.4
Average Airforce Size 7.0/20
Average Population 314,787.4 people
Average Training 62.6/100

Nation GDP (millions) Region Alignment
Velenesia $36,085 Balkans The West
Laow $14,955 China The West
Nigeria $23,661 Egypt The West
Parsistan $-75,275 Persia The West
San Alfonso $361 East Indies The West
Chintra $2,583 Mesopotamia Non-aligned
Omnicide $111,862 Southern Cone Non-aligned
Christia $53,637 Mesopotamia The West
Robo inc $32,739 Arabia The West
NIRVANA $1,349 Balkans Non-aligned
Caesarea $402,150 Western Europe Non-aligned
Albumania $-251,282 Oceania Non-aligned
BALLISTA $6,082 Balkans Non-aligned
SwoleHobo $14,255 Western Europe The West
Brickfields $123,877 Balkans The West
Swamp Thing $64,675 Mesopotamia The West
KAMIKAZIE $14,954,139 Arabia The West
Kelabu asap $2,619 Balkans Non-aligned
Dab $10,547 Arabia The West
Romabooistan $215,877 Central Europe The West
Stafffuff $7,063 China Non-aligned
Reconquesta $-1,068,442 Caribbean Non-aligned
Swarelia $-346,927 Mesopotamia The West
Palita $-12,478,992 Mesopotamia Non-aligned
United Republic $60,221 Caribbean The West
Silesia $664,660 Eastern Europe The West
Roadesia $44,584 Southern Africa The West
Vanguardia $5,368 Egypt The West
yakkastan $2,316 Persia Non-aligned
Malayasia $4,134 Indochina Non-aligned
Beolusk $33,611 Amazonia Non-aligned
Manfus $6,482 Arabia The West
Tanah Merah $2,784 Arabia The West
Wira Perang $40,082 Arabia The West
Fasola $-109,482,403 The Subcontinent Non-aligned
Pitsitopia $8,944 Balkans Non-aligned
Acre $-6,173,313 Amazonia Non-aligned
KaMe $1,961 Guinea Non-aligned
Cermany $117,370 Western Europe The West
Paradis Island $100 Arabia Non-aligned
Deutsches Reich $20,250 Central Europe The West
Bolshevikia $-1,303,755 East Indies Non-aligned
Evil Butthole $17,986 Scandinavia The West
Bushlandia $-106,079 Western Europe The West
Stark $23,829 Central Europe Non-aligned
Jawadkhan11 $1,716 North Atlantic Non-aligned
Pigy $1,960 Southern Africa Non-aligned
Swissland $34,267 Central Europe The West
Zillerton $54,435 Amazonia Eastern Bloc
Yuanå…ƒ $30,196 China The West
free mankind $5,906 Western Europe The West
Tanah kubur $3,167 Indochina Non-aligned
South Sahara $8,681 West Africa The West
United Afrika $7,461 Guinea Non-aligned
Frankonia $3,178 Central Europe The West
Parthia $1,537 Persia The West