BLOC - a multiplayer political simulation game

Peace Together

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Alliance Statistics

Average GDP $-85,899,346 million
Average Growth $-160,131,433.0 million
Average Industry 2.8 factories
Average Oil Production 14.2 mbbls
Average Raw Material Production 52.8 htons
Average Military Size 12.2k troops
Average Weapon Count 466.9
Average Airforce Size 3.8/20
Average Population 321,483.0 people
Average Training 58.4/100

Nation GDP (millions) Region Alignment
Ecuador $-64,499 Gran Colombia The West
NSDA $43,193 Oceania The West
Moutong $-4,522,706 Egypt Non-aligned
Shlovokonia $22,378 Balkans Non-aligned
Tuladenggi $-2,075,851,859 East Indies Non-aligned
Tul Pan $-184,505,653 East Indies Non-aligned
Parigi $-9,625,522 Arabia Non-aligned
Kampung $-239,033,925 Central Europe Non-aligned
Nelayan $-1,890,625,201 Gran Colombia Non-aligned
Perumnas $-15,383,509 Congo Non-aligned
Camp $-2,147,483,648 The Subcontinent Non-aligned
Nihon $-8,201,927 Indochina Non-aligned
Wessams $73,890 Arabia Non-aligned
Noob Empire $-9,150,601 Caribbean Non-aligned
Desa $-10,718,025 Oceania Non-aligned
Pantai $-4,670,767 Pacific Rim Non-aligned
Sungai $-1,004,682 Indochina Non-aligned
Gorontalo $-5,789,498 Arabia Non-aligned
Taopa $-5,692,367 Arabia Non-aligned
Bruh movement $-586,928 Caribbean Non-aligned
Marley $-83,163 Gran Colombia Non-aligned
Dictatorshipsss $16,174 China Non-aligned
GoG $-1,249,966,198 Caribbean Non-aligned
Zero Land $-298,207 Arabia Non-aligned
Sudiarabia $21,382 Arabia Non-aligned