BLOC - a multiplayer political simulation game

United Of Nation

UN comes with world peace and protects world security -NAP & ODP with Divine League

Alliance Statistics

Average GDP $-153,391,689 million
Average Growth $-303,036,034.5 million
Average Industry 19.1 factories
Average Oil Production 82.9 mbbls
Average Raw Material Production 67.9 htons
Average Military Size 99.4k troops
Average Weapon Count 46,185.5
Average Airforce Size 13.6/20
Average Population 1,631,247.5 people
Average Training 58.9/100

Nation GDP (millions) Region Alignment
Tuladenggi $200,009 East Indies Non-aligned
Parigi $-2,147,483,648 Arabia Non-aligned
Kampung $20,597,323 Central Europe Non-aligned
Perumnas $100 Congo Non-aligned
Camp $100 The Subcontinent Non-aligned
Desa $41,349 Oceania Non-aligned
Pantai $-1,864,394 Pacific Rim Non-aligned
Sungai $-2,104,520,745 Indochina Non-aligned
Gorontalo $-2,147,483,648 Arabia Non-aligned
Taopa $-221,819,665 Arabia Non-aligned
Dark $326,646 Oceania Non-aligned
Kingdom of Land $298,872 Eastern Europe Non-aligned
Land Island $49,896 Western Europe Non-aligned
Bunga $15,667 Central Europe Non-aligned