BLOC - a multiplayer political simulation game


The best alliance for new and experienced players alike. well fund your navy and first 2 factories. Contact OMNICIDE at to join. I am a selfless leader and ALWAYS provide for my men, I never take, building you up is what makes US great.

Alliance Statistics

Average GDP $-57,076,129 million
Average Growth $-223,952,834.1 million
Average Industry 8.9 factories
Average Oil Production 14.7 mbbls
Average Raw Material Production 112.6 htons
Average Military Size 47.4k troops
Average Weapon Count 24,456.2
Average Airforce Size 11.9/20
Average Population 852,008.6 people
Average Training 88.1/100

Nation GDP (millions) Region Alignment
Parsistan $100 Persia The West
Omnicide $7,243,495 Southern Cone Non-aligned
Tul Pan $975,447 East Indies Non-aligned
Amigos $1,966,566 Amazonia Non-aligned
Bunker $124,033 Caribbean Non-aligned
Zhoawin $60,683 China Eastern Bloc
Tadla $-1,781,787,115 Atlas Non-aligned
Federal Arabia $57,241 Arabia Non-aligned
Incel $5,475,554 Congo Non-aligned
Danzekirk $429,381 Eastern Europe Non-aligned
Noahviel $-1,985,595 Eastern Europe Eastern Bloc
Red457 $21,218 Mesopotamia Non-aligned
Ranadatl $617,675,801 Mesoamerica Non-aligned
Türkesteniye $1,188,001 Atlas Non-aligned
Camdrive $100 Western Europe Non-aligned
Poisonveld $180,254 Southern Africa Non-aligned
Cannaville $6,475,750 East Africa Non-aligned
Biafraland $84,062 West Africa The West
Great Syrmia $49,560 Balkans The West
Dar $116,826 Western Europe Non-aligned