BLOC - a multiplayer political simulation game

Divine League

The oldest, wealthiest and most powerful alliance, powered by competent leadership and great economic planning. Message the leader if you want to join! --- MDP with United Forces, NAP with M.I.L.F., WAR against Mercenary Corps --- If you want to join our Discord server, send the leader a message!

Alliance Statistics

Average GDP $1,936 million
Average Growth $17.0 million
Average Industry 1.0 factories
Average Oil Production 7.2 mbbls
Average Raw Material Production 14.1 htons
Average Military Size 41.9k troops
Average Weapon Count 38.6
Average Airforce Size 2.6/20
Average Population 257,089.4 people
Average Training 60.4/100

Nation GDP (millions) Region Alignment
New Equus $2,461 Eastern Europe The West
Nigeria $666 Egypt Non-aligned
Womanhood $4,541 The Subcontinent The West
New Egypt $1,734 Egypt The West
Emerald $2,837 East Africa The West
Tul Pan $3,811 East Indies The West
Cermany $1,442 Western Europe The West
Eko Atlantic $1,675 West Africa Non-aligned
Zhoawin $1,686 China The West
Sleman $1,682 East Indies The West
Federal Arabia $1,552 Arabia Non-aligned
Wladimiria $2,581 Central Europe The West
Kenelain $2,157 Eastern Europe Eastern Bloc
Araucaland $1,620 Central Europe The West
Chupa-Oléo $953 Gran Colombia Non-aligned
Biafraland $1,300 West Africa Non-aligned
Wirsinare $1,151 Arabia Eastern Bloc
Misthal $1,576 Oceania Non-aligned
DRAGO $1,262 Western Europe Non-aligned
Hindia $616 Indochina Non-aligned
Cumsuckistan $2,761 East Indies Non-aligned
Alredia $2,763 Atlas The West
South korea $5,743 Arabia Non-aligned
Joshualandy $1,333 Caribbean The West
Just looking $986 Caribbean Non-aligned
Antegria $2,404 Western Europe The West
ICanadas $2,551 Persia The West
New Sinalco $6,103 Guinea Non-aligned
Riverstan $3,077 Mesopotamia The West
Wakandazeeo $888 Persia The West
SamPret $1,256 Persia The West
United Andes $1,015 Southern Cone Non-aligned
CrazyDave $1,138 Central Europe Non-aligned
Greater bengal $764 Indochina The West
Al-Qaeda $537 Mesopotamia The West
Beta cucks $523 Indochina The West
Soyusky $470 Eastern Europe Eastern Bloc