BLOC - a multiplayer political simulation game

United Forces

We are strong together MDP with Divine League

Alliance Statistics

Average GDP $1,332 million
Average Growth $29.1 million
Average Industry 0.7 factories
Average Oil Production 2.4 mbbls
Average Raw Material Production 11.7 htons
Average Military Size 27.8k troops
Average Weapon Count 24.2
Average Airforce Size 1.6/20
Average Population 246,078.1 people
Average Training 45.6/100

Nation GDP (millions) Region Alignment
Negul $1,670 Atlas Non-aligned
Verynub $1,266 China Non-aligned
Orientalis $1,800 East Indies The West
Malekevisc $1,075 Central Europe Eastern Bloc
Azerbaycan $2,031 Central Europe Non-aligned
Parsecs $1,134 Arabia Non-aligned
Shinny $569 Atlas Non-aligned