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Mercenary Corps

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Alliance Statistics

Average GDP $2,024 million
Average Growth $13.3 million
Average Industry 0.9 factories
Average Oil Production 4.1 mbbls
Average Raw Material Production 19.2 htons
Average Military Size 55.3k troops
Average Weapon Count 51.3
Average Airforce Size 3.9/20
Average Population 305,878.5 people
Average Training 65.9/100

Nation GDP (millions) Region Alignment
Parsistan $2,008 Persia The West
Kalecepo $1,316 Balkans Non-aligned
NIRVANA $2,753 Balkans The West
Miyeon SIMP $472 Gran Colombia The West
Ilhan $3,684 East Africa The West
Idiocracy $1,937 Egypt The West
Malambo $1,956 Gran Colombia The West
Panay Islands $2,145 Pacific Rim Non-aligned
Makina Ankhondo $684 East Africa The West
Sirius $1,509 Gran Colombia The West
Bananita $3,417 Gran Colombia The West