BLOC - a multiplayer political simulation game


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Alliance Statistics

Average GDP $5,109 million
Average Growth $61.1 million
Average Industry 3.5 factories
Average Oil Production 25.1 mbbls
Average Raw Material Production 32.8 htons
Average Military Size 55.6k troops
Average Weapon Count 115.9
Average Airforce Size 8.5/20
Average Population 413,275.4 people
Average Training 74.9/100

Nation GDP (millions) Region Alignment
Rose Marie $3,790 The Subcontinent The West
Parit Sayang $3,947 Central Europe The West
Parsistan $5,583 Persia The West
Sicipoli $9,223 Arabia The West
Ilhan $6,164 East Africa The West
United Republic $1,228 Caribbean The West
Bayu $5,428 Balkans The West
Cermany $1,585 Western Europe The West
Malambo $8,915 Gran Colombia The West
Bananita $9,874 Gran Colombia Non-aligned
SamPret $3,196 Persia The West
Roukaslandia $3,759 Mesopotamia The West
Anfui $6,128 Western Europe The West
Caliphoenix $10,252 Atlas The West
Federal Arabia $6,218 Arabia Non-aligned
Akihabara $5,677 The Subcontinent The West
Kisia $8,139 Persia The West
Shakuras $2,886 Persia The West
GreatGatsby $3,378 The Subcontinent The West
Massimo $3,173 Persia The West
Jinss $3,663 The Subcontinent The West
Karatztia $2,789 Central Europe The West
Velenesia $7,165 Balkans The West
KoshkaKan $6,514 Mesopotamia The West
Prison $3,536 Balkans The West
Kg. Cyberjaya $4,608 East Indies The West
Hadramaut $3,882 Arabia The West
Hagara $1,569 Pacific Rim The West
Fort Sterling $1,532 East Indies The West
Dewata Raya $3,850 Arabia The West
Colonial Congo $2,359 Congo The West
Kampung $1,418 Egypt The West
New Lakonia $832 Balkans The West