BLOC - a multiplayer political simulation game


We are back!! Join us now if you wanna see fireworks!! ¥¥=MDP : ZARDOZ & PROXIMA =¥¥ ^^=NAP : AETERNA , MAN I LOVE FROG =^^

Alliance Statistics

Average GDP $1,953 million
Average Growth $47.5 million
Average Industry 1.6 factories
Average Oil Production 8.7 mbbls
Average Raw Material Production 16.7 htons
Average Military Size 40.9k troops
Average Weapon Count 33.3
Average Airforce Size 4.2/20
Average Population 408,291.1 people
Average Training 65.1/100

Nation GDP (millions) Region Alignment
Parit Sayang $1,264 Central Europe The West
Parsistan $1,007 Persia The West
Albumania $399 Oceania The West
Ilhan $3,051 East Africa The West
San Yara $1,100 Caribbean The West
Cermany $1,886 Western Europe The West
Zhoawin $1,570 China The West
The Red Sea $2,552 Egypt The West
Federal Arabia $1,235 Arabia Non-aligned
stroke $1,182 Scandinavia Eastern Bloc
Kg. Cyberjaya $1,848 East Indies The West
Hadramaut $2,128 Arabia The West
New chicao $3,610 Mesoamerica The West
New Lakonia $2,247 Balkans The West
Artisolia $1,075 China The West
Chistia $2,329 Mesopotamia The West
Frieksland $2,195 Scandinavia The West
Amotrotzka $868 Persia The West
New Centauri $1,415 Arabia The West
C-h-i-n-a $1,319 China Non-aligned
TheBrickfields $2,915 East Africa The West
NewTopopia $2,715 Egypt The West
Maggie $880 Indochina Eastern Bloc
Kg Kalut $2,290 Congo The West
United Asia $2,167 Mesopotamia The West
Kitsui $2,707 Egypt Non-aligned
Jebat $3,251 Egypt The West
GoldenJepun02 $1,598 Egypt The West
Bengali $2,007 The Subcontinent The West
Kak Kodi $1,069 Atlas The West
KoshkaKan $1,900 Balkans The West
Lemuria $2,954 Arabia The West
United Zar $935 Southern Africa Non-aligned
Anfui $1,683 Atlas The West
Goriri $608 Congo The West