BLOC - a multiplayer political simulation game


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Alliance Statistics

Average GDP $3,891 million
Average Growth $83.4 million
Average Industry 7.0 factories
Average Oil Production 18.8 mbbls
Average Raw Material Production 26.8 htons
Average Military Size 52.1k troops
Average Weapon Count 322.0
Average Airforce Size 9.1/20
Average Population 699,424.6 people
Average Training 39.1/100

Nation GDP (millions) Region Alignment
Parit Sayang $7,282 Central Europe The West
Parsistan $8,531 Persia The West
Albumania $8,522 Oceania The West
Cermany $4,850 Western Europe The West
Zhoawin $3,752 China The West
The Red Sea $6,636 Egypt Non-aligned
Federal Arabia $2,120 Arabia Non-aligned
Hadramaut $2,184 Arabia Non-aligned
New Lakonia $2,425 Balkans The West
Zumanda $2,273 West Africa Non-aligned
Chistia $6,630 Mesopotamia The West
Frieksland $2,230 Scandinavia Non-aligned
TheBrickfields $2,759 East Africa The West
United Asia $2,675 Mesopotamia The West
Kitsui $9,174 Egypt The West
Jebat $9,060 Egypt The West
GoldenJepun02 $2,979 Egypt Non-aligned
Bengali $2,490 The Subcontinent Non-aligned
Oil tycoons $137 Eastern Europe Non-aligned
Maniac $11,729 Arabia The West
SemperFi $1,113 North Atlantic Non-aligned
Tito broz $100 Balkans Non-aligned
Casper $102 China Non-aligned
Balkan Islands $305 Balkans Non-aligned
New Byzantine $101 Balkans Non-aligned
Riau Island $988 Oceania Non-aligned
UDUOA $777 Egypt Non-aligned
Charliestan $1,573 Arabia Non-aligned
Warrington $1,146 Central Europe Non-aligned
Bongbang $1,183 Persia Non-aligned
Star Citizen $1,105 Egypt Non-aligned
shining star $104 China Non-aligned
Tarturas $308 Central Europe Non-aligned
Estonian Pizza $289 Eastern Europe Non-aligned
Salahtu $3,365 Oceania Non-aligned
Shad $1,220 Oceania Non-aligned
Southern Sudan $2,186 East Africa Non-aligned
Marble $857 Oceania The West
TheMummy $8,315 The Subcontinent The West
Tanco $1,005 Oceania The West
Melewar $9,234 China The West
Tilam $17,904 China The West
Dimmadome $830 Eastern Europe Non-aligned
VCP $1,708 Eastern Europe Non-aligned
Southeast Asia $1,907 The Subcontinent Non-aligned
Jemah $2,092 Central Europe The West
Atanla $1,898 Central Europe Non-aligned
Tapir $2,700 Central Europe The West
Thedawg $1,804 Eastern Europe The West
Lemari $2,250 Southern Cone The West
Karimba $3,010 Southern Cone The West
Israel Fascist $3,098 Arabia Non-aligned
Kakato $1,678 North Atlantic The West
Ipah $2,123 North Atlantic The West
Tepeng $1,825 North Atlantic The West
Sagon $1,483 North Atlantic The West