BLOC - a multiplayer political simulation game

Aeterna D.F

Aeterna Democratic Federation. Iustitia ! Liberalitas ! Efficientia ! We are a Free Market alliance that aims for the prosperity of its members. Long Live Aeterna ! Discord : MDP : Next Level Communism, NATO NAP : The Rights Front

Alliance Statistics

Average GDP $2,311 million
Average Growth $-30.5 million
Average Industry 2.0 factories
Average Oil Production 14.5 mbbls
Average Raw Material Production 23.8 htons
Average Military Size 11.7k troops
Average Weapon Count 359.4
Average Airforce Size 5.8/20
Average Population 316,080.9 people
Average Training 43.7/100

Nation GDP (millions) Region Alignment
Nigeria $3,519 Egypt Non-aligned
the Pacific $1,623 Pacific Rim Non-aligned
South Sahara $585 West Africa Non-aligned
United Afrika $695 Guinea Non-aligned
Hong Kong $334 China Non-aligned
Fistiland $719 Western Europe Non-aligned
Zee $418 Mesoamerica Non-aligned
Haj $467 Oceania Non-aligned
Fareed $342 Central Europe Non-aligned
Hitting Blunt $100 Arabia Non-aligned
New chicao $1,795 Mesoamerica Non-aligned
Libria $3,163 Caribbean The West
Daehan Minguk $2,423 East Indies The West
Sankaragrad $1,966 Scandinavia Non-aligned
Thigh Highs $2,127 Congo Non-aligned
Dingland $1,343 Scandinavia Non-aligned
New Lonevillia $5,502 Indochina The West
Samiya $2,159 China Non-aligned
India! $938 The Subcontinent The West
Ostrygania $1,128 Balkans Non-aligned
Hamburg $2,368 Central Europe The West
Bannanas $1,436 Persia Eastern Bloc
Bound $1,039 North Atlantic Non-aligned
Banduna $1,587 The Subcontinent Non-aligned
Goryeo Union $407 Pacific Rim Non-aligned
Novorossiya $1,293 Eastern Europe Non-aligned
Anshan $816 Persia Non-aligned
Alvistria $3,232 Mesopotamia Non-aligned
Aquilonia $2,423 Central Europe Non-aligned
Bȁcon $1,504 North Atlantic Non-aligned
Jyuthon $2,700 China Non-aligned
Equalandia $1,730 Eastern Europe Non-aligned
JapanII $1,513 Pacific Rim Non-aligned
Mistal $318 Gran Colombia The West
Neostia $1,001 Scandinavia Non-aligned
Sardin $350 Arabia Non-aligned
Banaras $674 Indochina Non-aligned
Nova Asturies $1,058 Gran Colombia Non-aligned
Mesoimperal $4,269 Arabia Non-aligned
Baskya $1,320 Southern Africa Non-aligned
Saint Helena $933 North Atlantic The West
Gkando $2,217 Guinea Non-aligned
Franco-Iberia $1,968 Western Europe Non-aligned
Empiral India $315 The Subcontinent The West
Bread $397 Egypt Non-aligned
Hermania $3,469 Pacific Rim Non-aligned
Lecoza $8,313 China Non-aligned
Actaria $905 East Africa Non-aligned
Windsor $2,334 Western Europe The West
Hemayda $283 East Indies Non-aligned
The New Korea $3,964 Pacific Rim The West
Drewdonia $1,443 Oceania The West
Brainiacs $249 Scandinavia Non-aligned
Niggerria $2,096 The Subcontinent Non-aligned
Lys $2,391 The Subcontinent The West
Hells Town $3,650 China The West
Men $4,914 The Subcontinent Non-aligned
ALsham $3,462 Mesopotamia The West
Mortol $2,167 Mesoamerica The West
Nerds Town NZ $1,235 Oceania The West
Pacifist Turkey $266 Central Europe Non-aligned