Just an idea that's been kicking around for a while. Not exactly sure what form it would take, I imagine others have other ideas.

I was thinking that Justices would be nominated by the President and voted on like cabinet appointments. Each justice remains in office until they opt to retire (possibly a button for that) or assume another office, like Governor, Senator, or Representative, or get put in the cabinet. Perhaps have it so each President can only appoint 3 Justices? Or not, I'm not sure what would be best. My only thinking is that the first President of each iteration could pack the court, and if they don't opt to retire then the other party is screwed.

In terms of abilities, my thoughts were to have a page that looks a bit like senate.php. But the only "bills" justices can propose are to examine the constitutionality of bills that have already passed. Could do this by allowing them to insert the bill id in a box. If justices vote that the bill is unconstitutional, then it is struck down and it reverts to what the law was before in that category. Might have to make it so that only the most recent bill for a law category can be struck down so that the SCOTUS can't strike down a law passed ages ago that has been overwritten several times since. Similarly, as well as examining the constitutionality of bills, they could be able to look at foreign affairs actions, since these are being implemented currently.

Just an idea. Would be difficult to replicate for non-USA countries, but it would help to improve the feel of a simulation of US politics.
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As a further note, I'd say that the Supreme Court ruling one bill unconstitutional shouldn't prevent bills of the same type being proposed again, otherwise the Supreme Court would be too powerful in my opinion.