Politicians in America

Politician Elected Position State Party National Influence
Tadeo Castro President of the United States IL Democratic Party 370.828
Finn Weston Representative CA Democratic Party 358.869

Geoffrey Barrington
Senator WY Republican Party 347.907
Gary Johnson Senator FL Republican Party 342.518
Perseus Senator AR Republican Party 323.297

Olympe de Don
Senator LA Republican Party 307.032
Éric Justin Léon Zemmour Senator SD Republican Party 305.597
Sandy Meathers-Boebert Senator PA Another Mother For Peace Party 272.759
Prof. Goat Goat Senator VA Republican Party 253.458
Warmonger Miyazaki Senator NE Republican Party 247.021

Henry Goodwill
Senator MS Republican Party 241.514
Abdullah Öcalan Senator NC Democratic Party 217.369
Fleura Lucie Fontenot Senator FL Democratic Party 201.868

James Gordon
Senator IN Republican Party 200.903

Bart de Wever
Senator ND Republican Party 200.277
Maria de’ Medici Senator VT Democratic Party 189.643
Ben Dover Senator OK Republican Party 181.871
Enoch Gardner Senator WA Democratic Party 180.704
King Gretch II Senate Majority Leader MI Democratic Party 178.492
Obama Care II Senator CA Republican Party 176.791