Political Parties in America

Democratic Party

Tom Cleary-de’ Medici

We are the party of Government Solutions, Inclusion, Equality and of Change. We are the new face of America. With our solutions, we will free America from the Republicans, we believe in separation of church and state in our nation. We are the party of FDR, John F Kennedy and Barack Obama, We are the Party of Hope. So from the Democratic Party to America: Change is in the Air!

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130 party members
50.2% popular support
49.1% institutional strength

Republican Party

Obama Care II

The Republican Party is for the common-sense, hard-working American. We offer a big-tent coalition, open to: Conservatives, Moderates, Centrists, Constitutionalists, Libertarians, Nationalists, Patriots, Populists, and anyone else supportive of the Republican, right-wing cause. 


110 party members
42.1% popular support
43.6% institutional strength

Another Mother For Peace Party


Join us if you want to Live Laugh and Love without another forever war!

I join with my sisters in every land
In The Pax Materna—
A permanent declaration of peace
That transcends our ideological differences.
In the nuclear shadow, war is obsolete.
I will no longer suffer it in silence
Nor sustain it by complicity.
They shall not send my son
To fight another mother's son.
For now, forever, there is no mother

Who is an enemy to another mother.

2 party members
4.4% popular support
3% institutional strength

Communist Party of the USA

Ernst Thälmann

2 party members
1.6% popular support
1.8% institutional strength

New English Independence Party

Darren Harrison

The New English Independence Party is a regional party supporting the independence of the following states: Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Vermont. Together we can free New England from our oppressive 2 party system of politics.

Also I don't believe in party taxes lol.

1 party members
0.7% popular support
0.6% institutional strength


Nezuko Chan

INGSOC comes from the British Isles and is based around the principles that a party needs to use whatever power they can to retain control over their citizens. 

War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery and Ignorance is Strength

1 party members
0.5% popular support
0.1% institutional strength

United Left

Abraham C Enoch

1 party members
0.3% popular support
0% institutional strength

United Workers Party

Zanzibar Riddley

The United Workers Party is a moderate political party aimed at preventing radicalism from spreading throughout the world. Based in the United States. Join us today! 


2 party members
0.2% popular support
0.6% institutional strength

American Nationalist-Populist Party

Milan Željko Đorđević

The Party of the Right!

1 party members
0% popular support
0.1% institutional strength