Political Parties in America

Democratic Party

Tom Cleary

The Democratic Party is the home of moderates, liberals, and progressives. We value community and offer new players a friendly environment to develop their political careers.

Interact with fellow party members and gain access to funds and professional guidance on our Discord server:

145 party members
21.1% popular support
22.4% institutional strength

Farmer Labor Party

Elmer A. Benson

America has a historic legacy of progressivism and leftism, from Haymarket Square to the Minnesota F-L Party.  Our party works to reclaim that legacy, and welcomes all forms of economic and social leftism.  Join us in the fight to end crony capitalism, rebuild America, and see her promises realized for every worker!

Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/7Av94kFevT

41 party members
11.9% popular support
12.4% institutional strength

Republican Party


Please message any of the two officials above (Chair / Treasurer) if you need assistance with your election. It's advised you join the discord link so you do keep up to date with the party.  The Republican Party, colloquially known as the Grand Old Party (GOP) is a centre-right to right party, which accepts anyone on the right or the extreme right of the political spectrum. Being an accepting party, we are a party that is open to discourse on many issues. We invite everyone from centrists to paleoconservatives. Yet no matter what end of the spectrum you are on, we will remain steadfast in our socially conservative and fiscally conservative values. Join us if you want to maintain our American values and traditions. Join us if you want to preserve our country. Join us if you want to put your country first. Join us if you love these United States of America

Our Discord: https://discord.gg/CFpkqz9uAA

62 party members
11.3% popular support
12.8% institutional strength

Rust Belt Revival Party

Nadeja Banek

Join us to cross party lines and help recreate the Midwest as America's industrial heartland. Together we aim to make the Midwest a more fair and equitable place for working class Americans, by working in all levels of government. For too long the Midwest has been taken advantage of by both Republicans and Democrats alike; help us make the Rust Belt less Rusty. 

23 party members
10.5% popular support
10.3% institutional strength

Brotherhood of Gaia

John Hawkins

The Brotherhood of Gaia fights for the ideals of Democracy and Liberty our great nation was founded upon. We stand united against rising right-wing extremism, oppression by corporate interest, and rapid polarization caused by other political parties. Together we will always defend the rights of the average American, as we move our nation forward.

Discord: https://discord.gg/je5GM4PGHh

27 party members
10.2% popular support
9.1% institutional strength

Socialist Labor Party

Teddy McTed

The Socialist Labor Party is a united front of leftists compromising of anarchists, socialists, syndicalists, and Communists. Committed to establishing socialism in the United States, and eventually expanding outward.

Join us in discord! : https://discord.gg/W4nW4ET

Some of our legislative goals
- Expanding welfare, bringing back social security
- Expanding healthcare
- Higher corporate taxes
- Women's rights
- Open borders
- Higher wages
- Banning the death penalty

36 party members
10.2% popular support
10.1% institutional strength

Libertarian Party

Gary Johnson

The Libertarian Party (LP) is your representative in American politics. Libertarians strongly oppose government interference into their personal, family, and business decisions. Essentially, we believe all Americans should be free to live their lives and pursue their interests as they see fit as long as they do no harm to another.

Join our Discord for help in your elections and learn more now: https://discord.gg/mSS7R4WBu8

43 party members
8.4% popular support
7.8% institutional strength

American Patriot Party


Discord: https://discord.gg/Qv5c3PejkT

The American Patriot Party is meant for active patriots who see the failure of other right-wing parties in enacting and defending a right-wing ideology. We will aggressively pursue our agenda without watering anything down.

High Tariffs, Domestic Subsides, Low Taxes, 1st & 2nd Amendment Protection, Pro-Life, Voter-ID, Capital Punishment, State's Rights, Border Wall and Defending America from the Chinese Menace.

Join the discord if you are interested!

28 party members
5.2% popular support
5% institutional strength

Peoples Party


The Peoples' Party is a party dedicated to helping the average people of America. Join us today!

Discord: https://discord.gg/mTafrKg

Logo by Zangoose

10 party members
2.7% popular support
2.7% institutional strength

Make America Great Again

Pjetër Gjoka

All Centrist are welcome here. That the Make America Great Again Party will enthusiastically support the America-first agenda. That the party calls on the media to engage in accurate and unbiased reporting.

2 party members
1.9% popular support
1.7% institutional strength

The American Unionist Party



0 party members
1.7% popular support
0.2% institutional strength

Friends of Beer League

I. P. Freely

The Friends of Beer League supports the rights of beerologists, wert gurus, and grog addicts across the United States. We stand for no alcohol taxes and for smoking in pubs. Mandatory salted peanuts.

Our party welcomes all shades: lager, IPA, real ale, dark ale, pale ale, stout, wheat beer, porter, pilsner, bitter, shandy, ginger beer, root beer, butterbeer, and so on.

Join us for a Brighter Beer Future!

4 party members
1.3% popular support
1.3% institutional strength

Korean National Party

Kim ji yun

Juche idea is the greatest and most reasonable theory in the worldWe will liberate the workers and farmers all over the world and work for Kim Jong Un, the Savior of the world


1 party members
1% popular support
0.8% institutional strength

Word Bearers

Tobias Webber

We are a centrist party, built in liberty and even handed policy. Country over mainstream parties, coalition builders, compromise seekers.

4 party members
1% popular support
1% institutional strength

Independent Party

Robert F. Kennedy

Member-run member-led, 0% party taxes, and autonomy to vote and play how you want. 

1 party members
0.4% popular support
0.5% institutional strength

Dakota Political Party

Hope Hicks

Dakota Political Party represents the people of North and South Dakota. 

6 party members
0.4% popular support
0.3% institutional strength


Jacky Kennedy

1 party members
0.3% popular support
0.1% institutional strength

Birthday Party

Kim Wexler

A new day has dawned, has it not?

The birthday party has begun, and America's invited.

1 party members
0.3% popular support
0.3% institutional strength

The United Party

Henry Lakeman

We as the United Party are here for those people who feel left out. We as a party are on the right side of politics. We welcome anyone to join are party

1 party members
0.1% popular support
0% institutional strength

The American Unionist Party

Jake F.

2 party members
0% popular support
0% institutional strength