Roge Joseph Caballero

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•Cuban Politician
•Cuban Billionaire & Investor
•Founder and Former First Secretary-General of the World Peace Organization
•Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba
• Represent Cuban's on National Assembly of Peoples Power 
•Former Canadian Interior Minister(under PM Bibi)
•2nd and Former Indian Prime Minister(in-Game)
•Former Indian Foreign Minister(Under PM Frank Underwood)
•US: Former Senator, Representative, State Legislator

Former And Very Know as:
• Prime Minister Arjun Narayan Khan(2nd PM of INDIA) 
•Alisha Narayan Khan(MOFA and Legislator of India)
•Alexandra Anna Daddario(8 term US senator From RI and 6 term Representative of Utah and 2 term State Legislator of Utah, later on 3 term Legislator and Interior Minister of Canada)

Campaign Song


Total Wealth $1,841,207,705
Liquid Capital $910,577,060
Class wealthy
Stocks Value $930,630,646
CEO Univeg
Union United Farm Workers


Location Montana
Citizenship USA
Gender Male
Power 8.4
Campaign Finances $540,086
National Influence 0
Home State Influence 18.9%
Political Reputation 0.97%
Seniority 608.0
Party Libertarian Party
Party Power 19.85
Social Positions Left Wing
Economic Positions Centrist

Electoral History

Legislator Cuba National League for Democracy 4 days ago
Legislator Cuba 10 days ago
Legislator Cuba 16 days ago
Legislator Cuba 22 days ago
Legislator Cuba Communist Party of Cuba 28 days ago