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Game & Community Rules

1. Do not create multiple accounts. Do not operate multiple accounts. You will have all your accounts banned. If you believe you might potentially be sharing IPs with other players, contact mods or admins to clarify why.

2. Do not intentionally use exploits in the game to your advantage. If you believe you have discovered one, contact a mod or admin (me) privately and explain what you have found. If you are discovered to be abusing an exploit, you will be banned. If other users you know are abusing an exploit and you do not inform mod/admins, you could also be banned.

3. Do not share any personal identifying information in the game or on the discords chats/any wider game community. This includes your name, picture, location, etc. This is to protect you from potential doxxing and harassment. Also of course, do not doxx people and engage in any harassment or you will of course be immediately and permanently banned.

4. Racism, sexism, homophobia, antisemitism and other forms of discrimination in game or in this discord is forbidden and will potentially result in a ban, especially when directed at other players. This also applies to openly hateful ideologies like Nazism. Racist imagery including but not limited to the Swastika and the confederate battle flag are forbidden as player custom images ingame.

5. Be respectful and in context in all ingame communication & the OG discord, do not inappropriately insult people, spam discussion or other players through messages.

6. A ban or deletion is fully at the discretion of mods and admins, and ultimately I can ban you from the game for any reason I see fit, do not try and "rules lawyer" yourself out of a ban if you do not think you perfectly broke one of the above rules.

specific game rules for power:

1. Do not intentionally operate multiple corps at once. Most times I will warn players before banning in this case.

2. Do not intentionally sabotage nations in Power. If your only goal is to make things worse for others by ruining the game, just stop playing please.

4. Do not use VPNs. If you are going to use a VPN, disclose with a mod on the OG discord prior.

5. In war declaration bills there needs to be a concrete explanation of the reason for the war or I will delete the bill and/or the war and warn you.